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Empowering Youth to Solve the Sustainability Challenges by Measurable Impact
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YSI Bangladesh is looking for you who want to change the society through entrepreneurship

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You will be carefully selected and paired with diversified talents from all over Bangladesh

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You will build a startup during the four month online incubation program and a one-week long campaign in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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The program is fully funded, but requires your dedication and hard work (15-25 hours/week)

About Us



YSI is a Norwegian organization that brings together the best young entrepreneurial talents of the world, in a platform, for a five-month innovation program to find out solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.


YSI Bangladesh

YSI Bangladesh, which was established in June, 2017, runs its activities according to the rules and views of its mother organization (YSI). The main view of YSI Bangladesh is to find out her best talented young entrepreneurial minds to solve different issues of this country related to SDG.



This year YSI Bangladesh is going to arrange the event ‘Megapreneurs 2.0’, which is related to SDG no. 11 (Sustainable Cities & Communities). Traffic jam, lack of clean drinking water, improper waste management, water blockage etc. are some of the problems that we regularly face in this mega city. Megapreneurs (Entrepreneurs who deal with problems of mega cities) will work to alleviate these problems and improve living conditions of millions of people.

Megapreneurs 1.0 Highlights

Real impact is being made through our program

Sarcina Eco

Sarcina Eco has been working to produce eco-friendly poly bags from RMG wastes produced in a large scale in the garment factories. They are providing environment-friendly poly bags at a higher efficiency, lower cost, & also the product is quickly soluble than the other existing products in the market.

Agrobyte Ltd

AgroByte is a professional agro-tech consultancy & management farm. They provide data-driven farming consultancy & services; unrivaled breadth and depth of coverage through their leading expert minds. They help farm owners and investors to develop and execute agricultural and agro-industrial projects in urban farming, biofloc, dairy, poultry, aquaculture and other agricultural industries.

Khoj Technologies Ltd

Khoj Technologies Ltd is a tech-based company with some energetic, passionate and dedicated people who love to work with technological fields for impacting society and the country. Currently they are working on a project named as ‘Khoj (search)’ which is a public transportation tracking and management system.

What Finalists Get

Award & Certificate

Travelling facility

Network of expert mentors

4 month online incubation

Special media coverage

1 to 1 investor meeting

7 days campaign at Dhaka city

Seed funding

1 to 1 mentoring

What Finalists Give

We spend a lot of money, time, and effort to help you create a startup from scratch. Like they say: There is no such thing as a free lunch!


Your Time

We expect people to use around 15-25 hours a week on this program, and that you do all you can to continue your efforts to make the startup after the program.


7% Equity

Young Sustainable Impact Bangladesh continues to support your team after the program, and if you join the program – you agree to give a 7% equity stake to YSI. We want to partner up with our participants.


Your Best

We expect you to come into the program with a mindset that you are here to collaborate with your team, be at your best, and grow in the best way possible.


Who are Megapreneurs?
Megapreneurs are entrepreneurs who deal with the problems of mega cities. They will work to alleviate different problems of our Dhaka city and improve living conditions of millions of people.
What are the objectives of ‘Megapreneurs’?
Our Dhaka city is ridden with different types of problems. Some of them are traffic jam, poor road condition, scarcity of pure drinking water, improper waste management, unemployment & so on. All of those are hindrance to SDG no. 11 (Sustainable Cities & Communities). Our Megapreneurs will work to find solutions of a wide range of problems. They will be provided with necessary research works, guidance & seed funding to start their own entrepreneurship endeavors.
Who can apply?
Anyone, who is below the age 25, is encouraged to apply here. S/He must have interest to solve urban issues & implement the SDGs using innovative business models.
What’s the event schedule?
The overall event will be a 5 month long program. The details are available at the Schedule page of our website.
What is the SDG start-up accelerator program?
The SDGs start-up accelerator program is an online or offline process consisting 8 sessions, proceeded by YSI, during which the teams go through the selected projects and improve their solutions for a final investor pitch. Each team will be given a lead mentor and a support mentor as well as a dedicated facilitator. There will be two meetings every week. The first meetings will be held online/offline, with the facilitator and the team. The second meetings will be held offline during the weekends, with the mentor(s) present.
What are the evaluation metrics?
Each team will be evaluated by three criterion: compatibility, profitability, and business potential. Our judges will be seeking adequate business models that fit all three of those criterion, and the team with the highest score will be eligible to participate in the final rounding pitch. See table below for detailed scoring system.

Where can I contact to learn more?
You can call at +8801676-375927 & +8801685-456708 during office time. You can also send us email at or send messages to our facebook page (

Some Special Moments of Megapreneurs 2019

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