Traffic jam, poor road condition, improper waste management, contaminated air, lack of pure drinking water, crime, sexual harassment of women, lack of quality education, inadequate knowledge on different health related issues & many other problems can be seen in the lives of city-dwellers. The problems have evolved a lot in the recent years, indicating that some revolutionary, innovative solutions are badly needed to solve them instead of the age-old strategies. And here comes the power of youth, the power that knows how to deal with the changes & what should be the up-to-date strategies to alleviate the problems affecting millions of lives.

Having this challenging scenario ahead, YSI Bangladesh started its 4 month-long incubation program called ‘Megapreneurs’. Megapreneurs are entrepreneurs who are working with their startups to solve different sustainability challenges of megacities & creating measurable impacts to the lives of millions. Here, the top innovative minds from all over Bangladesh get the opportunity to go through a world class innovation curriculum, take their brilliant ideas from scratch to startup, meet the experts from relevant sectors & get funding from investors.

Apply as an individual

YSI Bangladesh is looking for you who want to change the society through entrepreneurship

Get paired with top talents

You will be carefully selected and paired with diversified talents from all over Bangladesh

4 month online incubation

You will build a startup during the four month online incubation program and a one-week long campaign in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Fully funded opportunity

The program is fully funded, but requires your dedication and hard work (15-25 hours/week)

What You Get

Award & Certificate

Travelling facility

Network of expert mentors

4 month online incubation

Special media coverage

1 to 1 investor meeting

7 days campaign at Dhaka city

Seed funding

1 to 1 mentoring

Please visit the links below to learn about the previous programs of Megapreneurs

What You Give

We spend a lot of money, time, and effort to help you create a startup from scratch. Like they say: There is no such thing as a free lunch!


Your Time

We expect people to use around 15-25 hours a week on this program, and that you do all you can to continue your efforts to make the startup after the program.


7% Equity

Young Sustainable Impact Bangladesh continues to support your team after the program, and if you join the program – you agree to give a 7% equity stake to YSI. We want to partner up with our participants.


Your Best

We expect you to come into the program with a mindset that you are here to collaborate with your team, be at your best, and grow in the best way possible.